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Vladislav Kuramshin

 - director, the art director, the teacher and the ballet master of "Yakobson"s Ballet School" , Theater of ballet " Choreographic miniatures " cities of St.-Petersburg and the International competition of young ballet dancers it. L.V.Yakobson. The constant judge of various International competitions and festivals. In 2004 worked as the teacher-tutor of National theater of city of Split (Croatia).

In 1983 has finished Vaganova"s Leningrad Academic choreographic school also has been accepted in troupe of Theater of the Opera and Ballet by it. С.М. Kirov (Mariinsky theater).

Since 1984 the soloist of "Theater of B.Ejfman"s ballet" , theatre of ballet " Choreographic miniatures ", theater of ballet " Small ballet of St.-Petersburg ", Theater of ballet " St.-Petersburg Chapel ", Theater of ballet "Fouette".

The author of a technique " Training of children to art of ballet for younger age"













Tatyana Petrova

 - the teacher and the ballet master of "Yakobson"s Ballet School", the teacher of the Moscow state academy of a choreography, soloist of the Bolshoy theater (city of Moscow) and theater "Choreographic miniatures" (city of St.-Petersburg). Has finished in 1989 the Moscow Academic choreographic school.






























Larissa Volkova (Shipillo)  

She is the teacher-tutor of th Jacobson Ballet School. She is the graduate of the Leningrad Academi Choreographic School, in the past - soloist of the Theatre "Choreographic miniatures" under direction of Jacobson, the favourite ballerina of this remarkable ballet master. She keeps carefully and transfers The Jacobson's heritage to new generations of ballet dancers.

15.05.2018 - Summer Ballet Intensive in The Hague, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Praga

Summer Ballet Intensive in The Hague, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Praga



Summer ballet intensive 2018:

- 11 June - 6 July in St. Petersburg, Russia;

- 16 - 27 July in The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands;

- 15 - 19 August, Prague, Czech Republic (Praga, Czech);

- 21 - 30 August in St. Petersburg, Russia.

12.11.2017 - Новый сайт: https://www.ballet-school-ru-nl.com/

Новый сайт: https://www.ballet-school-ru-nl.com/

09.02.2017 - Summer Ballet Intensive 2017
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